Saturday, November 24, 2012

Piatto's St. John's
They are VPN certified...only the second in Canada to be so! What does that mean?
They follow the tradition and processes of tradition Neapoliton pizza making. 

Hi,I am Diane,and I'm a total pizza snob. There is is. I will eat deep dish when I'm in Chicago...but outside that I must have thin crust, chewy or crisper is fine but wood fired and minimal toppings.I have eaten it in Italy, NY and San Francisco. Piatto is doing a great job. I have a couple of my fav spots in SF but in St.John's I now have my new favorite.

Prosciutto Pacchi: Mozzerella Balls wrapped with Prosciutto and baked in San Marzarno tomato sauce


Pizza of the week: Proscuitto and mushroom 

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  1. Looks Yummy! Hve not eaten there yet... Will put it on my list :-)