Sunday, December 2, 2012

St. John's Chophouse

So this used to be The Cellar , I wasn't here for that, but many people loved the place and are happy to see it open and with somewhat of a similar menu, but many new options. I was kind of surprized there was no real steakhouse in town when I moved here. I mean, you can get a steak here or there but not an actual "Steakhouse" And don't even say it! The Keg does NOT count. So last Monday November 26th they officially opened as the St. John's Chophouse. Chef John Mackinnon is heading up the Kitchen and Sommelier/Maitre D' Craig Newman is front of house. I managed to hold off until Thursday before having dinner here. I love a new restaurant opening,  what can I say. The 4 of us throughly enjoyed our meals, appetizers and drinks. Craig mainly served us and he is very polished. Most of the staff is younger and not as experienced but very enthusiastic and friendly, I think for day 4 they were doing great and will be on par and then some in no time. The space is absolutely gorgeous,the chandelier stunning, it totally glams out the space. I just need to get back there for Happy Hour 4-6 in the bar, $2 oysters, 6 different kinds even! WOOT! Anyone want to join me? Am I the only person around that gets excited at that thought?

Home made bread. YUM

Srunchion infused Caeser...hellz ya ;)~

Sweet Pea & Ricotta House made pasta
As 2 of my dining companions said..."to die for"

Crispy Calamari
 Garlic, ginger, scallions, sesame oil, chili paste, tomato. Really great flavour profile, not spicy but really great flavours 

Salmon Fillet  
Leeks, sundried tomato, green peas, spinach, tarragon, white wine sauce, smashed new potatoes 

12 oz Ribeye dinner. Perfectly cooked! Perfectly Seasoned! 

Beef Stroganoff. It isn't the prettiest picture, sorry about that, but it was really tasty. Luckily my table all likes to share food so we got to try it all.

Dominic at the Piano ;) lol. Actually he does not play, but I see they are looking for a Piano player for dinner service! Love that!

Craig the front of house and Somm

We like to drink our dessert, Irish Coffee

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