Monday, December 3, 2012

STUFF, About Me...

Incase you don't have the immense pleasure of knowing me!

1) I am very sarcastic :)
2) I'm am A LOT of fun
3) I love good food and wine
4)  I have been blessed to travel, eat and drink well in my 42 fabulous years of living
5) I AM Canadian...but havn't lived in the country most of my life, I have never lived in Newfoundland. I spent the last 12 years in San Francisco.
6) I've been in Newfoundland since Sept 2012...not long
7) I do love it here, people are great, great food scene, lots of exciting things happening for sure
8) I am not a writer or reviewer. I'm just a foodie. So don't expect me to wax poetically about all the dishes, I will add extra info when i have it...less when i don't. I am not here to critique so much as just have fun, show some pics...really its all about me entertaining myself ;) So if you want to come along for the ride...sweet as ;) But I don't think I'm "all that and a bag of chips" ;) When in doubt please always refer back to item #1.

Some of the places I have had the pleasure to dine at in my lifetime:

French Laundry Yountville California
Alinea Chicago
Le Cinq Paris
Le Millenaire Reims France
Joel Robuchon Paris
Raymond's St. John's Newfoundland
Charlie Trotters Chicago
Craft Steak Las Vegas
Holmenkollen Oslo Norway
Chez Pannisse Berkeley California
Commis Oakland California
Atelier Crenn San Francisco, CA
Frances San Francisco, CA
Gary Danko San Francisco, CA
Fleur de lys San Francisco, CA
Cyrus (Best caviar service EVER!) Healdsburg, CA
COI, San Francisco, CA
BENU, San Francisco, CA
ubuntu, napa, CA
Hidden Kitchen, Paris
Jardiniere, San Francisco, CA
Arcadia, San Jose, CA
Bourbon Steak, San Francisco, CA
Michael Mina, San Francisco, CA
RN74 Seattle, WA
Blackbird, Chicago, IL
August, New Orleans, LA
Besh Steak, New Orleans, LA
Manresa, Los Gatos, CA
Incanto (Best OFFAL eva!), San Francisco, CA
Cotogna, San Francisco, CA
Quince, San Francisco, CA
Portalis Wine Bar, Seattle, WA
Walrus and the Carpenter, Seattle , WA
The Metropolitan Grill, Seattle, WA
Le Suffren, Paris
Farmhaus, St. Louis, MO
Baker and Banker, San Francisco, CA
Redd, Napa, CA
Bottega, Yountville, California
KOI, Las Vegas, NV
Zuni Cafe, San Francisco, CA
Chinched Bistro, St. John's. NL
Aureole (Home of the Wine Angels), Las Vegas, NV
Jaleo (Jose Andres) , Las Vegas, NV
Scarpetta, Las Vegas, NV
NOLA , New Orleans, LA
Domenica, New Orleans, LA
Luke, New Orleans, LA
La Provence, Louisiana
Stella!, New Orleans, LA
Mr. B's (Best BBQ SHRIMP IN TOWN!) New Orleans, LA
Commander's Palace, New Orleans, LA
Niche, St. Louis. MO
Ad Hoc, Yountville, CA
Bouchon, Napa & Las Vegas
Chateau Cordeillan Bages, Paulliac, France
Spring, Paris
Yellow Door Kitchen, Hong Kong
Intercontinetal Hotel, Hong Kong
Restaurante Litoral, Macau
Couchon, New Orleans, LA
Anchovies and Olives, Seattle , WA
The Coterie Room, Seattle, WA
Bastille, Seattle, WA
Atchafalaya, New Orleans, LA
Herbsaint, New Orleans, LA
Bayona, New Orleans, LA
Galatoires, New Orleans, LA
Chez L'ami Louis, Paris
Cafe Lavinal, Paulliac, France

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